1810 House Bed & Breakfast Rooms

Lake Crescent room 1810 house

Crescent Lake Room

Persons: 2 | 315 square feet

Welcome to The Crescent Lake Room: The bright yet warm color of this room denotes the cozy intimate lake it is named after.

Lake Wentworth Room

Persons: 2 | 300 square feet

Welcome to The Lake Wentworth Room: This colonial decorated room harkens back to the 1760’s when Provincial Governor John Wentworth would pass this property on his way to Wolfeboro.

lake winnipesaukee room 1810 house

Lake Winnipesaukee Room

Persons: 2 | 460 square feet

Welcome to our Lake Winnipesaukee Room: Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in New Hampshire and holds true with regards to the 1810 House rooms. The origins of its name means “The Smile of the Great Spirit” and it makes all who stay.